Honeywell, Bayer, Bindi… The Power of Search Engine Optimization

The Power of Search Engine Optimization for Business Development

Believe it or not, every event I attend I hear someone say that SEO or Search Engine Optimization really isn’t that important when you’re looking for “Big” commercial clients.  I hear the “big bosses” at major corporations aren’t using Google or Bing to find graphic designers, web designers or any other vendors or suppliers.  Well, they’re not.  However, their IT managers, marketing managers, administrative assistants and purchasing agents are.  And if truth be told, they’re probably using search daily in every facet of their work.

Back in April our New Jersey web design team re-launched our own site with a completely upgraded design, interface and back-end.  We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the new site and its cutting edge design, but that wasn’t the reason behind it.  While we’re very happy with the new look, the real reason we spent the time was to improve our website’s search engine placement.

Before the website upgrade, we ranked very well for local search traffic such as: Gloucester County Web Design, Voorhees Website Designer, Burlington County Graphic Design.  In fact for most towns, counties and areas, we were ranked #1 in Google and Yahoo (now Bing).

Hours of Search Engine Optimization Research

We knew we could do better and spent the better part of 8 months researching SEO trends, techniques, ‘tricks’ and methodology.  The results have been outstanding.  We’ve jumped an average of 60 places (6 pages) for state-wide terms such as: NJ Web Design, NJ Graphic Design, South Jersey Ecommerce Website and Philadelphia Web Hosting.  Our weekly requests for information went from 1.5 per week to 1.5 per day. Because of the increase of traffic web site/ Search Engine leads are now our number one source of new work, where that place was previously held by referrals and networking events.

The Big Companies DO USE SEARCH

To those that say the “Big Players” aren’t using search… Well, since the launch of the new site we’ve provided work for some well-known companies such as Honeywell ($37B annual sales), Bayer Healthcare ($22MM), Bindi Deserts USA ($27MM), Maurice LaCriox Watches ($75MM) and a host of others.  Not all of the projects are huge, but we’ve got our foot in the door and our Search Engine results are improving monthly!

Obviously, we’d love to talk to you about your own search results.  There are hundreds of million searches being performed every day; wouldn’t it be nice to be included?  Click to talk to us about Search Engine Optimization for your business.

Search Engine Optimization – Specific Results

Here are some of our recent results on Google.

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South Jersey Web Hosting

Philadelphia Web Hosting

NJ Ecommerce Website Design

South Jersey Ecommerce Website

South Jersey WordPress Design

NJ WordPress Hosting

NJ WordPress Design

Atlantic City Web Design

South Jersey Web Design

NJ Web Design

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Total Results

34 Million

5 MM

29 MM

13 MM

16 MM

104 MM

24 MM

24 MM

81 MM

46 MM


** We’re still working on it!