Sales Automation

Centralize, Optimize and Streamline Your Sales and Marketing  

Embracing sales automation is crucial to your progress, efficiency, and success in growing your business.

The goal is simple-to attract leads, convert leads, and close customers

Marketing automation, when implemented with the right software and a well-planned sales campaign, can lead to an increase in lead generation and measured effectiveness of your brand’s reach in connection to your targeted audience.  

Sales Automation can result in a high ROI through centralization of sales activities through a CRM or ERP application and seamless integration with other systems already used in your company.


Leveraging automation improves the lead generation process by helping businesses target the right potential leads with marketing methods using an integrated approach to convert opportunities to sales.

Expand Your  Operation with Sales Enablement Applications

We can deploy sales-leading CRM and ERP applications from ZOHO, SalesForce, and Microsoft to centralize and manage all of your sales data, advertising campaigns, salesperson activities, and all-around communication with your prospects and leads. We deliver a seamless unification by integrating other company applications to empower various business functionalities and workarounds.  

Integrated Sales Capabilities 

Sales Management

All successful marketing endeavors involve the utilization of a CRM or ERP application to anchor all of your marketing activities and campaigns. Our featured software provides full-service programs that capture leads and manage all of your sales records, activities, chat, email, and social media engagements.

Sales Quotation

Online quoting and estimating software can provide the speed and efficiency of sending out professionally branded proposals electronically, ensuring every proposal is accurate, consistent, and error-free. Integrate QuoteWerks or IQuoteExpress with your CRM or ERP to provide instant data sharing and notification of acceptance.

Electronic Orders

Order automation capitalizes on new business opportunities while eliminating most or all of the manual processes and tasks in product fulfillment. We provide ready-made eCommerce solutions for order placement with end-to-end integration for a wide range of CRM, ERPs, accounting, inventory, and fulfillment applications.

Sales Reporting

Maximizing sales performance requires identifying conversion roadblocks that fail to deliver the results anticipated. Assembling a review of your sales data to measure team achievement requires seamless integration with all of your sales applications with the reporting of real-time data reporting on every stage of the sales process.

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