Our Journey

Share in Our Story of Serving with Business-Driven Solutions

Our vision of business values is set with the discovery of true synergy between multiple business disciplines.

Vision, Service, Commitment

Adding Value Through the Delivery of a Collection of Unified Services, Value and Collaborations. 

Unity Through Shared Service

With its roots in technology and business services, Cynergy Group has grown to address the needs of businesses in the area of financial management, marketing, and HR. We provide companies with the latest technology and automation solutions to ensure their organizational and operational advancement.  

Based out of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, we have been serving companies for over 18 years in all sectors but maintain a heavy focus on the healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and service industries.

We orchestrate solutions to improve outcomes for our customers by transforming their business digitally with consulting, managed services, and intelligent data solutions.


Our Commitment Towards Value

Shared Purpose

Our shared values are the most critical element that allowed the concept of “Cynergy” to come to fruition. Our vision is tied to the success and mission of our clients. Our success is not only determined by our understanding of technology, but by the dedication of our individual team members.

Common Partnership

We connect with a wide range of like-minded vendors to increase our service and product acceptance. We partner with industry counterparts that provide the knowledge, expertise, and support that add value to the service to our clients. Our partners provide the latest in innovations to keep our customers a step ahead in business.

True Synergy

Our commitment to serving is rooted in our symbiotic relationship with our clients. This critical value is central in working on behalf of and in cooperation with our clients to ensure success for all participants. We use the skills of our people along with the resources of our partners to deliver a holistic service we are proud of.