Interactive Website for Stevens Institute of Technology

We’re proud to launch a completely redesigned, interactive website for the SERC program at Stevens Institute of Technology.

[Cynergy] has just completed one of the largest projects it has ever taken on. Systems Engineering Research Center now has a new custom WordPress website designed by our NJ Web Design team. With hundreds of documents of collaborators the SERC’s site is massive. It’s full of complex data linking researchers to documents and schools used by over 230 PhD researchers and leaders in their field.

The SERC is led by Stevens Institute of Technology and principal collaborator, the University of Southern California. The new site provides systems engineering researchers full of deep knowledge and experience with an easy way to share documents, ideas, and data. Prestigious schools such as Stevens Institute of Technology, Texas A&M University, Penn State University, University of Maryland, and Carnegie Mellon are some of the leading collaborators with the SERC.

A Client Managed Web Portal

We custom-coded the Systems Engineering Research Center website on the WordPress platform, rather than using a pre-made design, to make sure that the structure features the most visual impact possible.  Also, by using the WordPress platform, permits to obtain a completely capable CMS ( Content Management System ) which offers the client the power to alter the information of the site conveniently. The CMS platform makes it possible for the customer to modify and manage content material ( such as photos , announcements , videos , and downloadable forms ). All of which is conducted by means of a login to the backend admin system. The client maintained site is easily accessible from anywhere any time, presented the computer has a sturdy internet connection, to render any necessary improvements. The WordPress CMS platform is an inexpensive alternative and efficient method to adding website content without the use of hazardous proprietary software; not forgetting it’s simple to operate.

Online Event Registration

Another great feature of the new SERC website is the ability to register online for upcoming events. Using an Events Calendar the client can create new events that researchers can register for through uploading tickets online. The ticket ability allows the client to set up tickets for consumers to purchase instantly and with ease.

Complex Document Linking

Our NJ web design team made it simple for the SERC to link hundreds of related documents to each other. This enables to ability to post new data and link the researchers and collaborating institute in seconds. Every researcher’s page has links to all of their ideas, documents, and data published and so forth for all of the collaborators.

This article was originally published by one of the following organizations before being merged into the Cynergy Group, LLC.: Market3, Assigned Data, OnTrack Financial, Total Site Care, or DB Finances.  The capabilities, team members, and expertise referenced in the article are now part of Cynergy’s offerings.