Mobile Healthcare Inspection and Survey

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COMPLIANCE FOR hospitals AND nursing CARE facilities

Ensuring safety and compliance across your health care network requires careful monitoring of many different areas, from food service to environmental service to property management.  Paper forms can produce vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.  

Choosing the right technology for your health care inspection needs can help ensure safety and compliance across your health care network, foster a safe environment for employees and patients, and improve HCAHPS scores.


Facility Management

Enable the inspection of building projects and routine maintenance regarding the facility’s structural integrity, safety, fire protection, and energy management.

Environmental Services

Measure quality levels against healthcare industry standards to mitigate the risk of infectious disease by assessing the level of cleanliness of all facilities.

Property Management

Inspect properties and monitor construction projects for common problems, work progress, and safety hazards to ensure compliance, and avoid violations and CDM regulations.

Health and Safety

Prevent injuries and accidents through site health and safety audits to identify system-wide deficiencies such as hazards, unsafe conditions, and operations.

Food Service

Assessments to ensure proper handling of food products, and that storage and food preparation areas meet state and local regulations to protect the public and food handlers.


Provide a checklist to be shared with contractors and service suppliers to allow for self-assessment of their performance plans, work area, and equipment conditions.

Powered By Mi-Co!

Healthcare Inspection software by Mi-Corporation provides a robust, scalable application that captures crucial information consistently when conducting inspections, surveys, audits, and asset assessments.

Mobile Impact Platform is an enterprise on-premise or hosted SAAS solution easily deployed on mobile devices to capture data to gain valuable insights.

A Mobile Healthcare Enterprise Solution That delivers

Throughout the Network

Foster a safe environment universally through compliance based on established regulatory standards.

Throughout Your service

Ability to greet, know the caller’s history, and interpret the right response based on the caller’s knowledge.

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