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From administrators to practitioners, the approach to healthcare has rapidly evolved into new approaches, operational management, and technological transformation.

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Empowering healthcare providers with the tools and services needed to meet their financial obligations is essential in today’s medical environment. Ensuring sustainability requires execution across a broad path of office management tasks and responsibilities.


We understand the challenges that medical providers face in today’s healthcare climate.  Our UpCare Advantage service offers comprehensive financial services, as well as consulting services for medical practices, nursing, and healthcare facilities. Our combined skills in healthcare and financial management enable our associates to help physicians and practices succeed in managing their financial operations, contract negotiations, validations, technology solutions, and compliance with regulations.

Key Acquisition Strategies

Medical Financial Billing

Our Billing team can expertly handle different types of medical claims on the first submission.  We specialize in collecting insurance revenue for small medical practices, SNF, LTC, and ancillary providers.  We tend to routine claim submissions, accounts receivable management, follow-ups, denials and appeals on your behalf.

A/R Recovery

Our staff will take necessary actions in the recovery of overdue payments from insurance carriers.  Our billing professionals pursue full payment on every outstanding submitted and secondary claim, including reopening denied claims to receive maximum reimbursement from the insurance companies.

Physician Credentialing

We offer medical credentialing, provider enrollment services, and insurance contract negotiations for new or existing practitioners, health care groups, and entities.  Our experienced team can complete the credentialing and re-validation process for both small and large practices.

Medical Practice Consulting

Our team of experts is on your side to ensure your practice runs smoothly and successfully.  With our specialists, you will receive best-in-class guidance every step of the way.  Learn how we can partner with you to help navigate the complexity of starting and operating your practice and increase revenue through supportive workflows.

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