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Expand Your  Operation with Sales Enablement Applications

We guide your business through the specific steps necessary to make your ideas succeed.   This guidance also helps to achieve your short-term and long-term business objectives. Effective business development and implementation deliver tangible results.  A well-researched plan will allow your business to sell more goods and services with advertising and marketing activities that help achieve your strategic goals and milestones.

Expand Your  Operation with Sales Enablement Applications

In marketing, it is a common mistake to put too much of the spotlight on the specs and advantages of a business’s products and services. Collection and analysis of predictive data helps establish a playbook that will give your marketing campaign a vital edge.  Predictive data interpretation also provides critical insights, helping to create an effective strategy that minimizes risks and costly marketing mistakes.

Our Go2Playbook focuses on four essential components that are often overlooked when constructing a marketing strategy. We examine the buyer’s profile, demand drivers, your competition’s offerings, and the engagement of your target audience.

Integrated Sales Capabilities

Sales Management

Central to all successful marketing endeavors involves the utilization of a CRM or ERP application to anchor all of your marketing activities and campaigns. We customize full-service programs that capture leads and manage all of your sales records, activities, chat, email, and social media engagements.

Sales Quotation

Online quoting and estimating software can provide the speed and efficiency of sending out professionally branded proposals electronically. This ensures every proposal is accurate, consistent, and error-free. Integration from QuoteWerks and IQuoteExpress to your CRM or ERP provides instant data sharing and notification of acceptance.

Electronic Orders

Order automation capitalizes on new business opportunities while eliminating most or all of the manual processes and tasks in product fulfillment. We provide ready-made eCommerce solutions for order placement with end-to-end integration with a wide range of CRMs, ERPs, accounting, inventory, and fulfillment applications.

Sales Reporting

Maximizing sales performance requires identifying conversion roadblocks that fail to deliver the results anticipated. Assembling a review of your sales data to measure team achievement requires seamless integration with all of your sales applications and the reporting of real-time data in every stage of the sales process.

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