Financial Management

Providing the
Guidance & Support for Financial Success

Overcoming hurdles such as forecasting, managing expenses, cash flow, tax compliance, and accurate reporting can tip the balance of success for many businesses. We offer a unique partnership with our clients that delivers the services and resources they need to keep their finances on track. 

To improve on what is already good, we offer a unique partnership with our clients that delivers the services and resources they need to keep their finances on track.

As a financial services provider, our goal is to improve our client’s overall outlook and ability to grow with confidence.

Our experience and approach enables us to assist our clients in improving performance, reducing cost, turning risk, and capitalizing on today’s and future opportunities.

The Cynergy Group understands the challenges companies face in today’s business climate.


Strategic Planning

Proper business planning is the key to the health and sustainability of any business. We assist startups and existing businesses by developing clear concise plans to problem-solve challenges. Taking in account the resources, conditions, restrictions, and demands faced, we optimize the right plan to better manage your business goals and environment.


Financial Controller services

We provide watchful oversight to ensure a company’s allocations are appropriately defined, analyzed, and reported. Our controller service provides critical analysis, reporting, and administration of the company’s budgets, forecasting, capital acquisition, cash flow management, accounting processes.


Bookkeeping services

The Cynergy Group offers accurate bookkeeping services to manage all revenues and expenditures such as accounts payables, invoicing, inventory, bank records, and payroll. In addition, we prepare financial statements and reporting of W-2s and 1099s, including assistance with federal, state and insurance inquiries and audits.


Payroll & HR Solutions

As a valued partner with payroll providers, our clients can benefit from integrated time & attendance, payroll, benefits management, recruitment services. Simplify the task of paying employees with a dedicated, experienced provider that can simplify the payroll process.


Business Software Application

We offer on-premise and cloud-based applications that can record all your accounting needs such as expenses, receivables, inventory, personnel records and sales activities. Our team can select, implement and configure a scalable platform that can meet today’s and future demands of your business.

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