Financial Management Services

Keeping Businesses On Track for Success and Growth 

Gain control of your accounting operations and systems to boost performance.

Every aspect of a business impacts financial performance. Addressing this involves the use of the right financial tools and employing appropriate management processes to overcome   financial challenges.

Improve Your Financial IQ by Becoming Agile

Capitalize on Today’s Financial Opportunities

Overcoming hurdles such as forecasting, managing expenses, cash flow, tax compliance, and accurate reporting can tip the balance of success for many businesses. We offer a unique partnership with technology, innovation, and managed services to deliver financial methods to keep businesses financially on track.


We help startups and existing businesses develop a clear, concise plan to problem-solve their financial management challenges. Considering the resources, conditions, restrictions, and demands, we optimize the right strategy to manage your business goals and financial environment better. 

Our experience and approach enable us to help our clients improve performance, reduce costs, turn risk, and capitalize on opportunities now and in the future. We anchor our service with data-rich metrics that enable learning and adaptation to change markets, new ventures, or conditions.  


Financial Oversight

Controlling business finances includes watchful oversight to ensure a company’s allocations are appropriately defined, analyzed, and reported. Our controller service provides critical analysis, reporting, and administration of the company’s budgets, forecasting, capital acquisition, cash flow management, and accounting processes.

Record Maintenance

The Cynergy Group offers accurate bookkeeping services to manage revenues and expenditures such as accounts payables, invoicing, inventory, bank records, and payroll. In addition, we prepare financial statements and reporting, including assistance with federal, state, and insurance inquiries and audits.

Payroll & Compliance

As an experienced partner with payroll providers, our clients benefit from our time & attendance, payroll, and benefits management know-how. We offer guidance and execution to simplify the task of payroll with an experienced team that can streamline the payroll process while keeping your company in compliance.

Enhanced Accountability

Businesses need to stay competitive by investing in accounting management software to provide a big-picture view of their finances. We can deploy software that gives businesses the best possible understanding of their position in the industry to better understand cash flow, investments, assets, upcoming expenses, and debt.

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