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Audience Engagement Through Touch Communication

Digital interactive touch is a communication technology that emerges your audience in a responsive sight and sound experience to capture their attention and participation in the relay of information.  Whether for sales pitches, retail digital signage, or interactive exhibits, a creative, interactive display of information can increase engagement to a level not attainable with any other medium.

 Experience Interactive Storytelling 

We offer a media-rich experience that delivers your story, brand, product, and service in a unique and powerful way.

Sales Presentations

Empower your sales staff with interactive product or service demo presentations shared on mobile devices that offer a rich experience to raise the level of your sales engagement. 

TRade Show Presentations

Deliver the wow at trade shows with exciting interactive digital presentations displayed on multi-touch stand-alone computers, mobile tablets, kiosks, or wall monitors.

Retail Venue Displays

Showcase product items, promotions and general information on digital displays at retail stores, restaurants and public venues that offer purchase assistance, map directories, and menu pricing.

Education and Museum Venues

 Add excitement and knowledge through digital inspired learning with interactive multi-touch display vertical and flat top computers for museums, galleries, and science centers.

Digitize the Sharing of Information

Today, both businesses and consumers are more discerning about what they perceive and expect. Getting noticed and being remembered requires a strong narrative and powerful media-rich visuals that pull the audience uniquely into your story.

Disseminating Information With Intuiface

We utilize the power of Intuiface, an award-winning technology that delivers the wow your audience will not forget. We contextualize intelligent content with creative elements based on your story, brand, and message by disseminating it across devices such as kiosks, computers, handheld devices, and displays. Its ability to be deployed on any Windows, Android, IO, or Chrome device adds flexibility to share anywhere and anytime.

Power Up With Intuiface’s Design and Manage Capabilities

Delivering Answers With Creativity

We adapt your worded presentation with branding, creative graphics, style backgrounds, and navigation to visually present the attractiveness and advantages of your product and services.

Engage With Interactive Elements

With the use of touch and visual elements such as images, videos, pdfs, infographics, and 3D models, we can raise the level of engagement with a sight, sound, and touch experience.

Easily Deployed on Mobile Platform

We can add offline portability of your digital presentations to your leads and customers. Each presentation can be published and shared on multi-touch enabled mobile platforms such as computer laptops and tablets.

Measure Your Sales Conversations

With each interactive presentation experience, key metrics are collected and shared with custom-built charts displayed in the dashboard that provide business insights.

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