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Learning portals offer highly effective employee training for safety and job function, offering a variety of learning resources that include bite-sized online courses.

Delivering the Assets to Personalize The Safety Learning Experience

Review and Learn

Review written safety policies, MSDS, Osha/Ansi, Equipment Safe Procedures

Learn Interactively

Watch robust videos, PowerPoint® presentations, safety talks.

Test and Practice

Access to safety courses, job, and equipment specific content.

Learn and Test

Ability to administer tests to demonstrate and record safety competency.

Key Safety Training Capabilities

Interactive Content

Each learning asset consists of creative content that is personalized depending on the viewers roles, profiles, or defined pre-assessment of learning material and fulfillment requirements.

Diverse Formats

Training portals can offer diverse learning paths that can be shown in multiple formats so that they can be used to explore/learn what is required or desired to learn.

Multi-Device Options

Learners will have the flexibility to learn on the go with the choice of training over multiple-devices such as desk, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Measure Performance

Track engagement activities for the portal users. Insightful metrics that enable continuous improvements to make a better training experience and a better ROI.

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