Our Journey

Mission-Driven Business Simplicity

We offer business simplicity.  This allows mission-driven leadership to regain focus by eliminating the operational chaos that impedes your ability to drive both business and revenue.

Effortlessly Manage Every Aspect of Your Business

We help companies establish a holistic approach to deliver value across the marketplace and the management silos of their organization.

From the beginning, we have committed to help our clients overcome the challenge of managing their most important commodity-Data.

The Cynergy Group specializes in providing key business services for companies throughout the region. Based out of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, we have been serving companies for over 18 years in all sectors but maintain a heavy focus in the healthcare, manufacturing, wholesale, retail and service industries. With its roots in technology and business services, Cynergy Group has grown to address the needs of companies in the area of marketing, communication, workforce and financial management.

Our success is not solely at the hand of technology, but by our team members’ dedication to deliver the best of service and care for our customers, partners, and community.

Our Partners

We connect with other industry counterparts to help integrate with complementary technology. They provide the latest in innovations that keep our customers a step ahead in business.

Our Customers

We deliver more than just technology. We offer business-driven solutions
that tap into technology’s ability to add value and productivity to the functionality of companies and organizations.

Our Ambassadors

We believe in people first, technology second. Our client’s success is fueled by the dedication of our staff members. Each of us is committed to delivering the best of service with integrity, transparency, and excellence.

Our Community

We strive to be a positive force to help those in need. We work in collaboration with local charitable and religious organizations to address challenges individuals and families face today within their communities.